Lemote linux PC and Linux laptops

Lemote linux PC and Linux laptops

Lemote Technology Ltd. Co. is een computer technologie ontwikkelaar en ontwerper in China. Met sterke financiële steun van de overheid en hoog opgeleid personeel ontwikkelt Lemote CPU's met eigen technologie. Lemote heeft China tot nummer 3 in de wereld gemaakt welke eigen CPU’s bezit naast de V.S. en Japan.



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Lynloong All-in-one PC offers consumers a comfortable and neat solution. With the fanless design, it is perfectly quiet. The elegant all-aluminium case and the great performance make it a "must-have" for professional users.

This show model is barely used, it is 80% new with perfect performance. The original box is gone, that's why we are offering it with 50% of discount.



495,00 €
247,50 € *
Aflevergewicht: 10 kg


Apple in Linux hardware!


Loongson 3A notebook is probably the most advanced Linux hardware in the world! 

- Intergrated with 4 x 1GHz GS464 CPU cores
- Specially made for business use with high-performance
- 13,3 inch highlight widescreen
- Low power consumption
- Pre-installed with Linux OS and free software

- Full Aluminium case

840,00 € *
Aflevergewicht: 5 kg

Since 1st January 2010, the Yeeloong 8101-B, 10' Yeeloong mini linux laptop Pure White is available in Tekmote!

This model has exactly the same  size as Yeeloong 8089" series, while with larger screen.

With simple yet elegant design and comfortable larger screen, the 8101-B pure white is a must-have for Linux professionals who are looking for a strong machine which can combine art and technology.



340,00 €
305,00 € *
Aflevergewicht: 3 kg



Lemote ultra mini-laptop is powered by the latest design-by-China 64 bit Loongson 2F processor which speeds at 900MHz. The integrated DDR2 and PCI 2 controllers and independently designed Northbridge chips etc.

265,00 €
240,00 € *
Aflevergewicht: 3 kg


Smaller than a book, yet powerful and versatile, Lemote Fuloong 6003 Linux mini PC is a perfect choice for Linux professionals who are looking for a reliable machine which can fulfill various tasks.

Major specifications:

CPU: Loongson 2F 800MHz-900MHz


HDD: 2.5'' 320G HD


Click open this page and find more details.

240,00 € *
Aflevergewicht: 3 kg



The battery is tailor made for Yeeloong 8101 and 8089 serial laptops. The colour is white, it can be used as a spare battery.

45,00 € *

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